We don't let success go to our head.
It's better going to our reputation.

Lots of new clients, both large and small, start out thinking that marketing their products or services internationally is perhaps a bit of a pipe dream.

We thought a few real-life scenarios might help you believe that, yes, you too can sell internationally ... if only you take that first step (which is as easy as clicking here).

Getting a "round" to selling internationally.

We were retained by a small manufacturer of "rounds", the heavy circular steel ends of pressure vessels. While the company had always discounted international sales because of their products' great weight, they were interested in identifying potential niche markets.

We found them a buyer in Singapore who had previously been buying rounds in Korea and Japan. The buyer felt that our client's ability to consistently produce high-quality products, precisely to specification, far outweighed the extra shipping cost.

This contract, signed in 1992, still produces $1,000,000 a year in revenue for our client.

A large company gets its international toes wet.

A big Western Canadian oil and gas sector supply firm doing over $30 million in annual sales retained us to help them make their first international sales efforts.

We identified and assisted in finalizing a joint venture for the company in Argentina. Then we took them to India, where we found solid opportunities for them to bid on $25 million worth of equipment.

Starting from zero: The full meal deal.

Our client, a small high-tech firm doing about $1.5 million in sales a year, retained us after a disastrous series of solo attempts to market their product internationally. They were close to going out of business.

On a six-month contract to spend 4 days a week physically in the company, Bruce Wilson quickly saw that they had absolutely no understanding of international marketing.

Wilson International created a marketing plan and took our client's sales manager to many offshore cities looking for niche markets.

Concurrently, Wilson International trained their sales department in all aspects of international trade, including financing, the efficient use of government at both ends, sales and shipment documentation, negotiation in various cultures, methods of business, etc.

By the end of the first 6 months, we had more than doubled our client's sales. On a further 12-month retainer, we had taken their sales up to $5.9 million a year.

The company, now totally turned around, is trading publicly.

We sell training.

Wilson International has often been retained by both provincial and federal governments to conduct export seminars for government staff themselves, as well as to collaborate with them in producing such seminars for the public.

We regularly guest lecture at universities, colleges, service clubs, industry associations ... even individual companies.

These lectures, tuned to each audience's special interests, cover the importance of international trade, the how-tos, the dos-and-don'ts, cultural differences, etc. They're supplemented by anecdotes of personal experience gained over 30 years of (successfully) dealing internationally.

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