I have been helping companies sell their products and or services worldwide for over 45 years. I have the experience and knowledge on how to assist companies and individuals overcome the fear of foreign trade, dealing with other cultures and identifying markets in this rapidly changing world. My expertise in these areas can be invaluable, so we decided to share our expertise with anyone who wants to learn how to do business in the global market. My goal is to help more people to export their products and/or services and become successful on a global level. We have been helping companies sell their products and or services world wide for over 40 years. We have the experience and knowledge on how to assist companies and individuals overcome the fear of foreign trade, dealing with other cultures and identifying markets in this rapidly changing world.

Our expertise in these areas can be invaluable so we decided to share our expertise with anyone who wants to learn how to do business in the global market.

I have personally been a successful international trade consultant for clients in over 100 countries around the world.

I am well known to, and highly respected by, senior trade officials at the provincial and federal levels of government in Canada and other countries.

We are available for Seminars, Workshops, One on Ones, Conferences, Training, Lunch N Learns, In House talks or what ever your needs may be. Topics that can be included are international marketing, international financing, country cultures, international do’s and don’ts, and safety concerns for North Americans.

Bruce spoke at a joint meeting of the Stony Plain and Spruce Grove Chambers of Commerce in Stony Plain Alberta on May 16, 2012.  Here is the video:

Here is our latest video of Bruce speaking about International Trade (click on picture):

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Here is our latest video of Bruce speaking about Travel (click on picture):


Video inviting you for trade training

Bruce is speaking to students at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in this video


Here is a video of Bruce speaking to a TV Station in Lethbridge, Alberta.


Passport TV show on ITV.com

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Education:       Ridley College, St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada - 1952

            (FIBA) Fellow International Biographical Association.
                            Cambridge, UK
                            Member, Heritage Registry, USA


1952 – 1954      Hudson Bay Company, Northern Stores Division,
                            Fur Trade Department (trading in furs for HBC with local aboriginal community)
                            Served in five (5) communities in Canada’s north

1954 – 1958      Sailed on various Merchant Ships, obtaining the rank of Third Engineer Officer. 
                            During this time, lived and worked in Australia (Tasmania, Queensland) Scotland,
                            England, Sweden and Germany.  Also hitchhiked throughout East and West Europe,
                            working at manual tasks, i.e.: dishwasher, etc.

1958 – 1960      Member, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

1961                   Started career in sales throughout Canada

1966                   Started International sales

President of Wilson International Trade Consultants Inc.

Past President of Wilson Imports Inc.

Past President of Unger Wilson Sports Inc.

Past President of Chimo Management Services Ltd.

Current Memberships:

1.         Masonic Order

2.         Shriner

3.         Rotary Club

4.         Chamber of Commerce


Seminars - Overview of the various topics involving global trade:  i.e.: Do’s and Don’ts, How-To’s, cultures, financing, sources of business opportunities, agents, associates and government cooperation. Each topic will be formatted to fit the attendees.

Workshops – Designed for small to medium size groups of individuals sitting at tables. They are given handouts on the subjects that we will be instructing and coaching. The distinctive handout material can be taken for follow-up purposes and further discussion.  Typically, workshops are a full day, and cover virtually all aspects of global trade. (Politics and religion excluded).

One on Ones – Will be customized to provide information for the particular needs of your business. Each company has their own requirements depending upon their product or service.

Conferences – A presentation of information that can pertain to any global subject or topic that can be related to what the conference organizers want covered. (Politics and religion excluded).

Training – A session of predetermined length on a particular subject or subjects.

Lunch and Learns – A “lunch meeting” that focuses on a particular topic that meets the needs of the client.

In House Talks – An on-site session for specific employees of the client to provide information that they deem pertinent.


International Marketing

Integrated global marketing plan development and strategy. The identification of target markets to detailed (realistic) budgets and timelines. The distribution of your marketing material, to all relevant governments in the country and offshore government agencies, and to key potential buyers in identified target markets.

International Financing

International financing procedures and project bidding guidelines. There are more than 35 international financial institutions, commonly referred to as IFIs (ie. World Bank, Asia Development Bank, African Development fund, Caribbean fund and EBRD), that finance thousands of projects worldwide. There are projects that your company may well be qualified to work on, however, you must be registered before you can bid. Registration information for these organizations will be provided as well as assistance on accessing many sources of government grants and financing. The working of other financial details such as bid bonds, bank guarantees, and fund transfers will also be detailed

Logistical Support

Information regarding the ins and outs of short and long-term accommodation, temporary and longer-term work visas, as well as the location of office space, office provisions and office support services and logistical services.

Shipping Assistance

Instruction concerning proper documentation, insurance, contacting freight forwarding companies and obtaining customs clearance including using customs brokers.


Directing negotiations on contracts, joint ventures and/or licensing agreements. Negotiating styles and strategies, as they vary incredibly from country to country. Providing you with the knowledge and experience to "do the deal" virtually anywhere in the world.

Government liaison

Contacting and working either with or without the key local and foreign government departments and provincial government departments, and making sure the principal people in government stay in touch with you.

Country Cultures

Important and critical information on the “do’s and don’ts” and the “how-to’s” when dealing with a foreign country. Protocols and respect of their culture and customs is imperative.


Each booking would include my fee, a first class (if available) or business class flight, premier hotel accommodations and $250 for events that require a flight.   The $250 covers my expenses for ground transportation to and from airports, taxes, gratuities and any meals.  50% of fee paid up front and remainder after presentation.

            ½ a day - $2500

            Full day - $5000

            Training: 2-3 days - $4000 per day (minimum 2 days)

            Conferences:  $5000 one day conference, $4000 per day for 2-3 day conference.


Available any time all year round.

Suggested groups to book for:

·         Engineering

·         Mining

·         Forestry

·         Oil and Gas

·         Agriculture and Food

·         Consumer Goods

·         Housing

·         Construction

·         Environment

·         Biotechnology

·         Machinery and Millwrighting

·         Aerospace

·         Tourism and Recreational Developments

·         Road Building

·         Power Lines

·         Technology

Groups not to book:  

Pharmaceuticals and Armaments.


247 Coaching - http://www.247coaching.com/directory/dir_findacoach_detail.asp?id=8639

247 Coaching - http://www.247coaching.com/directory/dir_findacoach_detail.asp?id=8638

Government of Canada - www.ic.gc.ca/app/ccc/srch/nvgt.do?sbPrtl=&prtl=1&estblmntNo=234567135583&profile=cmpltPrfl&profileId=1961&app=sold&lang=eng


            Pictures of Bruce’s travels - http://picasaweb.google.com/wilsontradeconsult/BruceTravels?feat=directlink

Previous Speaking Engagements:

Alberta Association of Quality Control
Alberta Forestry Association
Alberta Government - (9 times)
Alberta Opportunity Company
Chamber of Commerce – Lethbridge
Chamber of Commerce – Lloydminster
Chamber of Commerce – Red Deer
Desk & Derrick Club – Edmonton
Government of Canada - (Western Economic Diversification) - (11 times)
Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - (4 times)
Singapore Manufacturers Association
Strathcona Career Training Institute
Trading House Association of Western Canada
University of Alberta - (3 times)
Urban Development Institute
World Trade Centre - Edmonton



April 27, 2011

Ronald Irvine
5926 53 - Street
Taber, Alberta, Canada
T1G 1K4

To whom it may concern:

Wilson International Trade Consultants Inc. of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and in particular its President, Bruce Wilson were retained by Global Thermoelectric Power Systems Ltd. of Calgary and Bassano, Alberta, Canada a number of years ago to assist us in locating international markets for our company's goods as our company was struggling and our sales agents had little international experience.

Bruce Wilson did an excellent job in helping us expand our products use worldwide, trained our sales staff and found new excellent sales people abroad. As a result our international sales flourished and almost overnight our companies income grew by leaps and bounds allowing us to spend more time and money on needed research. Bruce and his company were so successful that we retained him far longer than his original contract. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending Bruce and his company.  It is my firm belief that Wilson International Trade Consultants Inc. will assist any company using them in locating and expanding their markets globally.

Most sincerely,

Ronald Irvine
Retired Director of Administration
Global Thermoelectric Power Systems Ltd.
Bassano, Alberta, Canada.


April 29, 2011

CCD Energies Services

5707 125A Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T5W 1V3

To whom it may concern:

CCD Energy Services engaged Bruce Wilson of Wilson International to set up an export relationship with the Canadian government and other agents for us throughout the world. During the time spent working with Bruce, I found him to be extremely knowledgeable and effective in providing the contacts CCD was looking for.  Bruce's vast network of agents and his lifetime of experience quickly provided the results we were looking for. I would highly recommend Bruce to any company looking to enter the export Marketplace. Please feel free to call me at
780-818-4011 to discuss this matter further.


Robert Bilida


April 28, 2011

H & H Crane
66101 Heritage PO
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
T6J 6T4

To whom it may concern,

This is to advise that we have retained the services of Wilson International Trade Consultants Inc. for the past year.

We Consider Bruce Wilson the principal of Wilson International very knowledgeable about the international market place and we rely on his expertise.

Should you require additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Scott Dodds
H&H Crane Ltd


Please contact me at 587-269-2203 or email at brucewilson@wilsontrade.com and we can discuss what I can do for you.

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