We take the fear (and the paperwork) out of going global.

Doing business internationally is much more complex than simply finding a market and making the sale.

That's why Wilson International provides a fully integrated service capable not only of finding markets for you, but of doing (or training your own people to do) virtually all of the functions and paperwork associated with international trade.

Here's a partial list of our services:

International marketing plan development - We'll work with you to plan an integrated global marketing strategy, from the identification of target markets to detailed (realistic) budgets and timelines.

Distribution of your marketing material - to our 300-plus agents, to all relevant local and offshore government agencies, and to key potential buyers in identified target markets. Because of the quality of our agents, we regularly achieve a 7% rate of expression of interest from recipients of our clients' material.

Assistance with financing - there are more than 30 international financial institutions, called IFIs (ie. World Bank, Asia Development Bank), that finance thousands of projects worldwide, projects that your company may well be qualified to work on. Before you can bid, though, you must be registered. We not only register you with these organizations, but we help you access many sources of government grants and financing. We also help with other financial details like bid bonds, bank guarantees, fund transfers, etc.

Shipping assistance - including documentation, insurance, freight forwarding and customs clearance.

Logistical support - including short and long-term accommodation, temporary and longer-term work visas, as well as the location of office space, office provisions and office support services.

Training - We frequently contract our services to work "in-house" with our clients, training staff in all international matters. In many cases, we've taken clients with zero international experience through various growth stages ... right up to a full, internal international marketing department. Wilson is also regularly retained to train staff, or to set up export seminars for the public. Bruce Wilson regularly gives lectures and speeches about international trade to universities, colleges and public seminars.

Negotiations - Wilson International staff can also personally represent you in direct negotiations on contracts, including joint ventures and/or licensing agreements. Negotiating styles and strategies vary incredibly from country to country. We have the knowledge and experience to "do the deal" virtually anywhere in the world.

Technology transfer - We can find international buyers for your special technology.

Joint ventures and/or strategic alliances - Wilson can find foreign manufacturers who will pay royalties for rights to produce your product in their market. We can also arrange for you to partner with offshore companies in joint efforts to produce your products and market them throughout the world.

Government liaison - On a "with" or "on-behalf-of" basis, we can help you stay in touch with key Canadian and provincial government departments, and make sure key people in government stay in touch with you.

The Total Package - Some of our clients contract us to directly perform all of the above services. In effect, we become their international marketing department.

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