You know the business.

We know the world.

Nice combination.

Even for the most successful entrepreneur, crossing borders and cultures can be a humbling and costly experience. Just ask Bruce Wilson what he has learned from his corporate business connection concierge practice in a global marketplace.

For the greater part of his career, his international business connection was headquartered in the capital region and Merle, his first spouse (deceased) was his business partner. Six years ago he downsized the business and five years ago, met and married local Sherwood Park resident, nurse and fine artist, Janice Bonsant. Bruce and Janice have a daughter and a son each, and have 10 grandchildren ages 12 and under.

Although semi-retired Bruce remains active in business. He is assisting two of his new clients in regularly planned international market place visitations. In the upcoming months he is being asked to speak at several events on international trade and all of the inherit strengths and weaknesses. He has just recently been approached by one of western Europe’s most aggressive chambers of commerce to put on a full day seminar for its chamber members. He plans to follow up with “inhouse” training for selected members. Recent invitations include being represented by one of the largest Speakers Bureau Agencies in the United States and at various chambers and business organizations in the upcoming months of April and May.

Bruce is active in Strathcona County as a member of the Anavets, (Army, Navy, Air Force Veterans Association). He is on the council of his church and other volunteer positions. He is also a Shriner, a Mason, Past Charter Member of a Lion’s Club, Legionnaire and past President of Wilson Imports and Unger-Wilson Sports. Bruce coached minor hockey in Edmonton for 12 years. Bruce recalled, “Over the years, my company Wilson International has established its own network of sales agents and associates in over 120 countries worldwide.

This has helped reduce the risks of foreign investment, and overcoming fears of doing business overseas. We also helped companies identify the best markets in a rapidly changing global marketplace. As an example India is quickly becoming a major trading partner with Canada, however, in India the cultures are diverse and you need to have the skills to work around the issues.  This is where a “local agent” is essential.

I personally have conducted a business connection concierge in over 100 countries myself, finding international markets for my clients products, expertise and technologies. My job is to identify potential buyers and help businesses through every stage of the process from the initial contact to the ultimate sale.”

Musing, Bruce said, “One of the satisfying aspects in doing business today is knowing that a senior adult like myself is highly regarded and listened to. A few grey hairs opens an awful lot of doors in most cultures.”

Wilson International Trade Consultants
Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
Phone: 587-269-2203

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