Our most valuable commodity is experience!

Watch our video on Global Markets below.

Our company's principal, Bruce A. Wilson, has personally conducted business for his clients in over 100 countries during more than 45 years as a successful international trade consultant.

He is both well known to, and highly respected by, senior trade officials at provincial and federal levels of government in Canada. He speaks about international trade - at major conventions and for smaller business groups - to thousands of people each year. He also lectures regularly at universities and colleges.

In the course of personally facilitating hundreds of millions of dollars worth of international sales for his clients, Bruce has logged several million miles of travel on everything from Boeing 747s to dog sleds, snowmobiles, Chinese Junks, camels and, yes ... even yaks.

Wilson International's key strength, aside from the experience of our head office staff, is a vast network of highly experienced associates whose professional skills are critical to international marketing success. We weave those skills into your marketing program on an as-required basis, providing you with a full, single-source global marketing service that is highly cost-efficient.

At a moment's notice, we can call on the expertise of top-quality lawyers, finance institutions, customs brokers, freight forwarders, insurance companies, management consultants and others ... all of whom specialize in international business.

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