Somebody, somewhere, needs what you're selling.

Wilson International has a truly global reach. Our 300-plus agents and associates cover over 130 countries. We even have an agent who can help you into Antarctica!

To be part of our network, agents and associates must be officially registered under local laws. They must have at least a 5-year track record of successful operation in their market. Their English must be excellent and they must take their professional fees in the form of commission on sales.

Our agents are, therefore, very good at what they do.

They know all the nooks and crannies of doing business in their own culture. They know the rules and regulations. They know banking, customs and transportation infrastructures. They know the cultural ins and outs of negotiation and business protocol.

But most of all, they know people.

Our agents operate on a first-name basis with wide networks of key players in business, government, finance, and, in some countries, even religion. They know whomever they need to know to help you make your sale or locate a suitable importer/distributor .

And, because they're always aware of what's happening in the economies they cover, they often identify new demands at their end for your product or service, and call you with solid leads.

Once our agents have opened the doors for your shot at the bullseye, they'll organize your trip, make reservations and appointments, meet you at the airport, and stay the course with you as your interpreter/advocate...all the way to fresh ink on the bottom line.

Many of our clients use our agents even after the sale ... to represent them in dealings with the buyer that involve everything from simple customer satisfaction inquiries to service verifications for warranty purposes.

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